HIFU Treatment Beyond Medispa

A skin rejuvenating and tightening treatment you can have done on your lunch break without any down time or pain and leave with instant results. This exactly what you can expect with the HIFU treatment available from Beyond Medispa in Edinburgh and London.

I went to the clinic in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh for my treatment. My consultant was very professional and made me feel very welcome and explained what the treatment involved and what result to expect after it.

You can choose between having your full face treated or just your upper or lower face. I chose to have my chin area done but after leaving I wish I had booked in to have my full face done.

Before the treatment begins your therapist will talk through step by step what they are doing at each stage.

First they will fully cleanse your skin so there is a nice clean base ready for the treatment.

They then map out the areas of your face where they will use the laser to treat your targeted points on your face.

After your face is all mapped out the laser treatment begins

I was amazed by the immediate and very noticeable difference on my face. I went in knowing this treatment was effective but I was still surprised at how quickly it made a difference. The post procedure comment was that it would take up to three months to fully notice the benefits. It’s now seven weeks since my treatment, I had planned on waiting the full three months but I couldn’t hold back out of excitement! Every day I have looked in the mirror over the past few weeks I’ve really started to see the benefits of the treatment on my jaw line and especially my cheeks.

So what is this treatment actually doing to your skin? The treatment penetrates the dermis and the superficial muscular aponeurotic layer targeting these layers deep within the skin. This is a non invasive procedure that helps to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and gives an instant lift ideal for neck jaw and eye area. The laser penetrates only 3 mm deep into the skin and my advice was that I may feel some sensation but I felt no such thing, it was completely painless. After the laser treatment your therapist will apply some skin care and SPF 50 to nourish and protect your skin. Please note it is very important that you use minimum SPF 50 on your skin after treatment and beyond no matter your skin tone or the weather to help protect your collagen. You can apply make up straight after the treatment and go about your day without any odd sensation, pain or irritation. The treatment will last for up to 12 to 18 months.

This photo was taken 7 weeks after treatment, I can really see that my cheeks and chin are visibly firmer.

Click here for link for instagram video of treatment

I was invited for my treatment without any obligation to write about my experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the treatment you can visit the Beyond medispa clink by clicking here. I have a 10% off discount code available off all treatments at both the London and Edinburgh clinics

Quote code BMEA – 200 for 10% off all treatments

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