Atomy Korean Skincare

Atomy Skincare system


Atomty is a newly launched skincare brand to the UK however has been on the market for several years.

I was recently introduced to the brand earlier this year with a lovely gift set from the brand called The Fame. The set contains 5 full sized skin care essentials to give your skin a lovely hydrating experience.

There are 6 steps in this lovely Korean Skincare System

Step 1 Toner

Toners a great product to use after cleansing as it removes all trace of cleansing products leaving a fresh clean base ready for skincare.

The Fame Toner hydrates and soothes the skin leaving the perfect base for step 2 in your skincare routine.

Step 2 Eye Cream

Applying your eye cream at this stage is ideal so you can get the best out of its hydrating qualities to the delicate eye area. The Fame eye cream contains high concentrated phospholipid like nutrients that quickly absorb around the eye area helping treat both fine and deep wrinkles.

Step 3 Essence

An essence is like a little miracle product that helps your nest step in your skincare routine work more efficiently. The Essence will help hydrate and rebalance the skin enabling a deeper penetration into our skin barrier.

Step 4 Lotion

The Fame lotion is just beautiful I honestly felt I didn’t need to add moisturiser after this step its incredibly hydrating and makes your skin feel silky smooth

Step 5 Nutrition Cream

The last step in the system a lovely thick white face cream that lovingly hydrates your skin making it feel super hydrated.

The entire 5 step system makes your skin feel incredibly hydrated and glowing, after the first week of using the cream I stated to feel my skin didn’t need any moisturiser because it felt so soft and hydrated but of course i have continued to use the products because its the skincare that is giving my skin the hydration and balance it needs.

Tap here to see how I apply the products

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