Aromatica Rose Collection

If you’re looking to start your journey into Korean Skincare then Tonic 15 have just the right collection of products for you to try.

There are products for every skin type covering a range of treatments at a price that wont break the bank.

I purchased the rose infused serum and cream cleanser in the range to try out before reviewing and was later gifted the face cream and toner to include in this article.

Aromatica Cream Cleanser

This cream cleanser is perfect to use as a second cleanse if you have been wearing makeup or use as an everyday morning cleanser.

Unlike most rose infused products the Aromatica cleanser does not have an overpowering scent and is very subtle. This gentle cleanser won’t strip your skin’s barrier and will leave you feeling soft clean and hydrated. It contains Elderberry, Indian goose berry rose water with aloe and marigold extracts.

Reviving Rose Toner

The separated toner in the bottle as pictured goes from a milky white to a lovely marshmallow pink when shaken. Reviving Rose Toner is a beautiful looking product as well as being a very nourishing one. It also helps wipe away any residue left from cleansing products leaving your skin feeling well hydrated and can also be used as a pre moisturising treatment as I found it acts in some way similarly to a good moisturiser. RevivingRose Toner comes in a fully recycled glass bottle in recycled packaging.

Rose Infused Serum

Packed with organic rose water this serum is just great. A little goes a long way, however as one of the first products I tried in the range, you can see that I’m more than halfway through the bottle. As with the toner it comes in a fully recycled glass bottle in recycled packaging.

Rose Face Cream

Last in the collection is the face cream, another great product from the range. This cream is perfect for all year round use as it’s not either too heavy or light in consistency. There is something uplifting about this entire range, it doesn’t feel overpowering combining so many rose products because of the unique delicacy of the Damanscena rose extract, instead it produces subtle and refreshing results.

The Aromatica Rose Collection is ideal for all skin types making this a range of products you won’t need to second guess whether suitable for your skin type. Highly recommended!

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